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Our Mission

The Love Not Blood Campaign, (LNBC) is a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, 501(c)(3) dedicated to bringing holistic healing to families and communities that has suffered the traumatic experience of police brutality, community violence, and incarceration.

Our Vision

Is a world where every family or community that has suffered the traumatic experience of police brutality or community violence can achieve optimal functioning through  holistic healing. In order to achieve optimal functioning, all three aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual must be addressed because they are interconnected.

What We  Do!

*Family Crisis Intervention Team (F.C.I.T.)

*Know Your Rights Training

*Mobile Justice Training 

*We provide panel discussions with families affected by police violence


Our Slogan

“It’s Always, Always, Always about the Children”



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Purchasing a Love Not Blood Campaign T-Shirt is a great way to support the work of LNBC. Your donation will assist us in sponsoring families to national event such as the Left Forum at John Jay Criminal Justice College, Netroot Nation Conference in St. Louis, Black Lives Matter Convening in Cleveland OH, and various College’s throughout the US that are seeking to hears these families story.


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  • katelombardo

    Earlier today Uncle Bobby and Sister Beatrice came to speak to our Ethnic Studies class at UC Berkeley. Their message was incredible and so important for us to hear. It is so easy to be unaware of the issues that surround us because we live in our own “bubble” in our community. Hearing Uncle Bobby talk about the tragic death of his nephew, Oscar, and the incredibly pervasive racism that people of color face day to day was incredibly eye-opening and terrifying. Uncle Bobby and Sister Beatrice spoke with such passion and heart and really helped us understand the challenges that people of color face that many of us did not fully realize. They are both so passionate about touching as many people as he can and really brought the message home and changed the way I view the America we all live in. There are so many things we need to improve to ensure that the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness promised in the Constitution is applied to all Americans. They made me realize that we ALL have an obligation as Americans to fight the blatant injustices that still exist in our society. Hearing someone speaking, who has been faced with such tragedy, forced me to change the way I think about racism, not as something abstract, but as something tangible that destroys the lives of innocent people. Thank you so much Uncle Bobby and Sister Beatrice for taking the time to connect with us and help us understand this sensitive, but extremely important issue. I never realized how little I really understood about the human experiences due to racism, and how much I unwittingly allowed it to persist. I promise that I will watch Fruitvale Station like you asked, but more importantly I promise that I won’t sit by and be passive anymore.