Love Not Blood Campaign Vimeo Channel

Mothers Of The Revolution from cephus on Vimeo.

A New Color at San Francisco Jewish Film Festival – Cephus “Uncle Bobby” Johnson during Q & A from mo morris on Vimeo.

Families United Justice Or Else – “Riseup, Which Side Are You On” from cephus on Vimeo.

Uncle Bobby Johnson–The Peoples Uncle from The Kavilier on Vimeo.

Left Forum 2014: Police Terrorism, Mass Incarceration and the Criminal Injustice System from Deep Dish TV on Vimeo.

Cephus Johnson, uncle of Oscar Grant speaks at Court for Black Justice 5/5/12 from Uhuru Solidarity Oakland on Vimeo.

Cephus Johnson on Empathy from Edwin Rutsch on Vimeo.

“Fruitvale Station” w/ Carl Dix & Cephus Johnson from Revolution Books on Vimeo.

Justice for Eric Garner – Excerpt from A NEW COLOR: The Art of Being Edythe Boone (Copyright 2015, all rights reserved) from mo morris on Vimeo.






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