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Family Intervention Crisis Team (F.I.C.T)

When someone is murdered, the death is sudden, violent, final and incomprehensible. The loved one is no longer there — the shared plans and dreams are no longer possible. The loss of the relationship will be grieved in different ways by all those who felt close to the victim because their relationships with the victim were all different. Our F.I.C.T victim support groups have trained advocates who can accompany families to hearings, trial proceedings, meetings with the coroner, etc., providing emotional support and information about the process. The criminal justice system of motions and appeals can be quite confusing when you have little or no information about what is happening and why. The need to learn as much as possible about the criminal system presents itself just when family members’ nerves are already stretched close to the breaking point. What they have found is that there is no way to get through the grief except to just go through it, however difficult it may be. People who have lost family and friends through murder have stated that they often experience an immediate and close bond with other homicide survivors, even if they had never met them before and even if they do not have the opportunity to meet them face-to-face. Your donation is extremely important and will greatly be of a benefit to the F.I.C.T in helping grieving families.

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