Our Mission Statement 2016

Love Not Blood Campaign works with families that have suffered the traumatic experience of homicide, whether by police officers, security officers, or community violence. The LNBC creates a Family Crisis Team to build a broad-based network of healthy homicide family support. Our support groups for the parents, children, families, friends, and community members affected by the traumatic experience of homicide bring about an atmosphere of social justice throughout the United States and Internationally.

Our Vision
Is a world where no one has the right to take the life of another and be protected/ insulated from the consequences of doing so by a system of structural racism, obfuscation, and propaganda.

What We Do

Support Based

*We provide a First Responders Family Crisis Team
*We provide emergency counseling for parents and children’s
*We provide support for the children affected

Education Based

*We provide “Know Your Rights Training”
*We provide Cop Watch Training and video recording
*We provide workshops on organizing
*We provide workshops on Criminal Justice System
*We provide panels of families affected by police violence or gun violence or mass incarceration

Referral Based

*We provide referral information for victims of crime
*We provide referral information for victims of police brutality
*We provide referral information for legal representation

Our History

On July 14, 2014, the Founder of Oscar Grant Foundation, Cephus ‘Uncle Bobby” Johnson, Uncle of Oscar Grant, gifted the OGF to Oscar Grant mother, Wanda Johnson. On July 15th, 2014, The Love Not Blood Campaign (LNBC) was Co-Founded by Cephus ‘Uncle Bobby” Johnson and Co-Founder Beatrice X Johnson, the LNBC continues the work done in OGF and now include community violence and mass incarceration to its mission campaign, thus our campaign “A Campaign to End Police Terrorism, Mass Incarceration, Community Violence”

Our Slogan

“It’s Always, Always, Always about the Children”


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